Should you renovate in 2020?

The year 2020 has not exactly gotten off to a great start for the world – here in Australia we’ve faced an unprecedented bush fire season and a deadly pandemic, all in less than four months.

So in the midst of such uncertain times, is 2020 a good time to renovate?

The answer is yes. If you’ve been considering house renovations, than now is a great time to update.

With economists and property market insiders predicting a fall in house prices and many taking a ‘wait and see’ approach in WA when it comes to buying and selling, the current climate presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to improve, instead of move.

There are many great reasons to renovate, and they’re relevant now more than ever. Here are some of Go2 Homes top reasons for renovating in 2020:

We’re spending more time than ever before inside

If you love your home, but it needs an update, more space or some modernisation, then now might be the time to commit to some home renovations. It seems that 2020 will be the year of staying home, so why not make the most of it by renovating your space to be exactly what you want? Planning a home renovation is also an exciting way to keep busy!

If you plan to live in your home and enjoy it for many years to come, then it’s an excellent idea to invest in making it perfect for you. Beautifully customise your home to your lifestyle with a home renovation, or increase its function and aesthetics.

Avoid the cost of moving

West Australian’s are understandably reluctant to move right now. It’s a nerve-wracking time to be selling up and incurring the costs of stamp duty, agents fees, legal fees and everything else associated with buying or selling a home, the costs can easily add up to tens of thousands and perhaps that money is better spent on improving your home. If you like where you live, but not the home you’re living in then renovating is likely the perfect solution. Not only will it undoubtedly be more cost effective than trying to find a home that ticks all the boxes, but it will improve the value of your existing home and provide lasting benefit for you and your family.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Selling your home might not be at the top of your mind right now, but regardless of every-changing and fluctuating market conditions, it’s never a bad idea to renovate your home. Beautifully designed and well-executed house renovations can add significant value to your home, usually well beyond the cost of the improvements. If you’re using your home as an investment property then thoughtful renovations can increase your homes rental value and attractiveness to renters.

Future-Proof Your Home

It’s the start of a new decade, and the perfect time to think ahead to the future. Perth is filled with character homes and older builds, so there’s a good chance that your home is sporting some design choices from previous decades. What worked in the 70s probably isn’t working as well now. Your home might have an unusual layout, smaller bedrooms, or only one bathroom. If it doesn’t flow, or eschews some of the more modern design principles and trends we’ve come to love then some timely house renovations are likely welcome.

Make your home work for you now and in the future with some carefully considered updates. Improvements to your space can increase safety, functionality and value. If your home is older, you’ll want to focus your renovations on the kitchen, bathrooms and living space, as these are the rooms that tend to date the quickest.

You might find that your home is in need of more than just a cosmetic makeover, or the addition of space. Homes tended to be smaller and pokier in the past – improving the layout and flow of your home, or adding an extension will not only make it feel like a totally new space, but probably give it a significant value boost as well!

You Should Note…

Renovating or extending your home is an involved process which requires working with a number of government bodies, local councils, lawyers, suppliers and financial institutions. Whether you’re considering undertaking small updates, or a complete house renovation, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced builder, like Go2 Homes.
If you’re considering renovating for 2020, get in contact with us and find out how we can help you make this year a success.

New year, new decade, new home design. 2020 Home Design Trends

New year, new decade, new home design.
2020 Home Design Trends

It’s not only a new year but a new decade. And what the months and years ahead will bring is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure, though: The modern home and how people choose to live in it will constantly be changing.

The colour trends

Beige, stone, soft eucalypt greens and earthy browns will be strong interior colours in 2020, following their popularity this year. They’re hues found in natural materials such as sisal, jute, hem; the colours of unbleached, undyed wool, natural clay colours, natural stone.

Kitchens Designed for The Details

Last decade we saw sinks installed in islands, open plan kitchen-dining, and a rise in outdoor kitchens. 2020 renovation trends are building on the ideas of yesteryear with:

  • Multipurpose islands merging preparation, presentation and casual dining
  • Refaced cabinets championed by wood tones and a healthy dose of calming blue
  • Feature lighting to brighten up the space
  • Natural materials like wooden beams and indoor plants to celebrate Australia’s natural splendour
  • Bright, bold splashbacks replacing plain white or glass

Terrazzo is Trending

Terrazzo is not new; in fact, it’s been around since the early 18th century. But as home renovations move away from minimalism to embrace a kind of manicured vibrance, terrazzo is back in a big way. Colours and patterns are big and bold, perfect for use in kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, bathrooms, and feature tiles.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Most people don’t get enough nature in their day, so bringing it inside helps to keep us healthy and happy. Earthy tones, raw timber beams, oversized houseplants, an abundance of natural light: these are all part of the 2020 renovation trend labelled as biophilic design. Home renovations are introducing biomaterials in place of composites and plastics for places that are more pleasant to look at and more sustainable to live in.

A shower. A sink. A toilet. What’s so exciting about that? Time to flush that thought away because in 2020 the bathroom is fast becoming the best room. Black is the new black: Black is bold. Black is better. Fixtures like lights, shelving and mirror frames are all coming in this colour. When popping off white subway tile (hey, there’s that popular pick again!), it really makes a statement. 

Get on trend with Go2Homes

From bathroom makeovers to granny flats, and second storey additions to alfresco additions, we are here to help you embrace 2020’s home renovation trends with high quality work guaranteed to last the years.

Get in touch to discuss your renovation vision!

Dawesville Two Storey Addition and Renovation

Go2 Homes were engaged to complete a full Renovation and Second Storey Addition of an old brick house. Located on a sloping block overlooking the Dawesville Estuary this Renovation and Addition maximises the views and now offers a modern, spacious family home. We added a second storey, which included a master suite, office, and sitting area has allowed this home not only more space but also maximised the stunning water views.

Go2 Homes completely stripped out the original home, removed the old garage and then built on a second story using timber frame walls and timber skillion roof. The exterior is cladded Scyon Linea and also render finishing. A new large garage was also constructed which is separate from the house. The deck/alfresco area is elevated and finished with modwood. Which now offers our clients the perfect spot to relax and enjoy their views all year round.


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Registered Builders

REGISTERED BUILDERS? You may see us mention our ‘Registered Builders’, it is something we are extremely proud of and also something that makes us stand out from other Builders.

So, what is a Registered Builder and how does that differ to any other Builder or Building company?

The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires that an individual, partnership or company that carries out, or contracts to carry out, ‘builder-work’ valued over $20,000 (within the area of jurisdiction) must be a registered building service ‘contractor’ and named as a builder on the building license or permit.

There are strict guidelines and criteria involved in obtaining your Registration some of which include: educational requirements, high level of relevant industry experience, character references and financial ability. Many building companies will have one nominated Registered Builder for the entire company. Go2 Homes, however, have x5, with our 6th waiting on final certifications.

You can look up a Registered Builder at any time on this Register link below which is updated daily.…/find-registered-builder


5 Home Design Tips

Whether you are Building or Renovating it’s important to think about resale incase you ever decide to sell your home. These Home Design tips could help you capitalise on your design whilst creating a beautiful home for you to live in.


white bedroom

1: Natural Light and Ventilation

Good use of natural light and ventilation not only saves electricity, but it can also make your home feel more spacious. Rooms look bigger, ceilings look higher and more generally, things just look less cluttered.

This can easily be achieved through the placement of windows, the design of external doors, and the addition of natural lighting and ventilation features.


open living room

2: Blend Inside With Outside

Many people are taking natural light to the next level by blurring the line between inside and outside. This can be done by opening up a wall with large folding doors. Or it can be achieved by weather-proofing a deck or courtyard. Ask your builder how you may be able to extend your living area by blending inside with the outside and make the most of our magnificent Australian climate.


Mounts Bay Road Crawley_LR

3: LED Lighting

The most exciting technological breakthrough in lighting is definitely LED lights. They are bright, energy-efficient and compact. This gives you almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to designing lighting for any home.

Some people opt for the minimalist appeal by hanging tiny lights from the ceiling. Others add drama by incorporating bold colours and unusual materials. Modern LED lights work well with most design styles.


Hamptons home

4: Colour

Although your choice of colours is almost limitless, there seem to be 2 main trends this year. One is Hampton’s style pale blue/grey and white giving a relaxed coastal feel. The other is a mix of earthy tones and contrasting metals. 


home design tips

5: Flexible Designs

Gone are the days when every room was built for a purpose. The best designs today allow the owner to adjust the room for different purposes. This not only gives you better use of each space, it generally gives your home a more open and natural feel.

If you would like to talk about designs that incorporate these ideas, phone us for a Free Design Consultation (08) 6323 2376 or contact us.







10 important questions to ask yourself before starting your kitchen renovations


Your kitchen is often a very busy place, and the hub of your home. For many of us, its where we start and finish our day, so it’s a big part of our lives! Give yourself, your family and your home a new lease on life and transform the heart of your home.

Go2 Homes can design and build you a beautiful, functional kitchen to meet your budget and style. We are committed to providing creative and practical solutions for your kitchen renovations and ensure high-quality results and a fast turnaround. Before kitchen renovations begin, it’s worth thinking about the good and bad points of your old kitchen. And, of course, what you want your new space to include. The easiest way to do this and gather all your kitchen ideas is by asking yourself (and any other cooks in the house) a whole lot of questions.

kitchen renovations

1. Why are you renovating? What do you want to create? A more modern kitchen, more storage, the same style but updated, a complete kitchen overhaul? Write down a list of kitchen ideas leading to your ultimate goal.
2. What works about your old space? For example, good benchspace, good light, layout of cabinetry? Are these kitchen ideas you want to feature in the new design?
3. What doesn’t work? For example, not enough bench space, appliances are outdated, cabinetry/splashback needs to be replaced, outdated style and colour scheme?

kitchen renovations

4. Who does the cooking? Are you the sole cook or does the whole family take turns in the kitchen? How many people do you cook for? Do you entertain regularly? These answers may affect the appliances you choose for your kitchen (are an oversized oven and stovetop needed?) and also impact on how much space to move around you allow for in the kitchen.
5. How do you use your kitchen? Just for cooking? Is it a gathering place you entertain from? Do you sit at the bench to eat breakfast? The way you use your space will give you kitchen ideas for ‘must-have’ elements and ‘love to have’ elements.

kitchen layout

6. How much kitchen storage do you need? Is a walk-in pantry a must? How could extra storage space be included? If you have plenty of kitchen gadgets, then an accessible place to store them might be high on your agenda. Consider kitchen ideas to up your storage space without crowding or overpowering the kitchen design, such as overhead cabinetry, including more deep drawers than cupboards.
7. What size appliances do you need? If you cook often, entertain or have a large growing family, then an oversized oven and stovetop might be essential to you.
8. Where will you position all the elements in your kitchen? To work this out, consider all the potential cabinetry layouts and where you could fit in big appliances (oven, stovetop, fridge), being mindful of existing electrical wiring and plumbing (not moving this will save you time and money), and creating a practical accessible space too.

paint selections

9. Do you have your heart set on a certain style of kitchen? What appeals to you most; a classic combination of earthy tones and modern appliances; a country-style timber kitchen; a modern mix of high-gloss cabinetry and stone benchtops? Note down all the kitchen ideas and elements you love about that chosen style.
10.What colours do you want to feature? If it’s modern and timeless you’re after, various shades of white and grey might be your pick. Beach vibes? Why not go for a coastal blue or a balance of soft natural tones. Go2 Homes can help you develop and enhance the look of your new kitchen. If you’re stuck for colours, gather colourful kitchen ideas and inspiration by looking at the colours you are naturally drawn to, plus the hues that already feature in your home.


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How much does a Rear Extension Cost

rear extension cost

Entertain in Style

Do you want more space to entertain and spend quality time with your friends and family? Extending your Home can completely transform your life. If you have plenty of backyard space then a Rear Home Extension might be the best option for you. Keep reading to see examples from our North Perth project and find out how much does a Rear Home Extension Cost.

Create an entertainer’s paradise with a new kitchen, living and dining area and an all-weather alfresco with an outdoor kitchen and bar! We are lucky enough in Western Australia to have great weather for most of the year so it makes sense to maximise on that.

Design and create your dream space in your current home without the hassle and cost of trying to find a new house to fit you and then spending money on selling and moving costs. After all that you may still want to change it to suit your style!


rear home extension cost

 Rear Home Extension – North Perth

In this Home Extension above we added the blue section onto the Rear of the existing house. The house was located in a fantastic area in North Perth and had a large unused backyard. We added a spacious open plan living and dining area complete with a kitchen and scullery.


Stacking doors lead to the outdoor area and a servery window is added to the rear dining which is perfect for outdoor entertaining! Stacking doors really open up the space and maximise your entertaining area.

This extension also allowed a Walk-in robe and Ensuite to be added to the bedroom creating a new luxurious master suite.


rear extension cost
Image Source: Homes to Love

Blending New with Old

Instead of matching the exterior to your current home many of our rear home extension clients go with something more modern and architectural. Often with a selection of elements and colours tying the old with the new.

Your new extension can reflect more of you and the style you love!


rear extension cost
Image Source: Home is Home

Rear Home Extension Cost

So how much will a Rear Home Extension cost? This is different for every project and depends on many things including: size of extension, access to the rear of the property (are cranes needed), plumbing and electrical, council regulations, existing house, and of course the materials and selections you choose.

Our Rear Home Extension cost prices start from $69,800 AUD.

If you would like to find out how much it would cost to create your own Entertainers Dream Rear Home Extension simply fill out the form below or contact us today.


How to book your Building and Design Consultation

You can now purchase your Building and Design Consultations online! We offer four different levels of packages to suit your projects needs. Here is a little more information that may help you decide which package is right for you.

Go2 Starters

This is our base entry-level package. This is for people that have a relatively small job or are very unsure of what they want and they may upgrade after their first meeting. It comes with a 1hr onsite consultation with our Registered Builder. This in itself is such a valuable component. Our experienced Registered Builders can walk through your property and discuss what you are hoping to achieve. They will be able to diagnose and assess some of the obvious structural and environmental elements to give you a clear idea of what is possible and what will need to be done to achieve your goals. Once you have decided on a plan our Builder will return to the office and come up with a base drawing and quote so that you have a clear idea of what it will look like, and the estimated costs involved. If, after this, you are happy to move forward, you may like to upgrade your package to get professional renders and access to our online client portal.

Go2 Plus

Our second package includes the above Site Consult but with the added bonus of x2 elevation sketches, Access to your project via our online client portal and a complete Building Specification. This is popular with clients that are ready to go ahead and the project is straight forward or they don’t require any extensive rendering.

Go2 Premium

This is our most popular package! This includes the Site Consult as above but also a comprehensive professional Building Inspection by our Registered Builder. This is essential for older houses, heritage homes or if you’re looking at doing major structural works (Two storey Extensions, removing load-bearing walls). This can save you a lot of money in the long run as you won’t have any hidden surprises! Everything will be noted and discussed so that you have the full picture of any existing issues throughout your house and it can all be addressed at the same time and in the correct order. This package also includes professionally drafted floor plans, 3