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Registered Builders

REGISTERED BUILDERS? You may see us mention our ‘Registered Builders’, it is something we are extremely proud of and also something that makes us stand out from other Builders.

So, what is a Registered Builder and how does that differ to any other Builder or Building company?

The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires that an individual, partnership or company that carries out, or contracts to carry out, ‘builder-work’ valued over $20,000 (within the area of jurisdiction) must be a registered building service ‘contractor’ and named as a builder on the building license or permit.

There are strict guidelines and criteria involved in obtaining your Registration some of which include: educational requirements, high level of relevant industry experience, character references and financial ability. Many building companies will have one nominated Registered Builder for the entire company. Go2 Homes, however, have x5, with our 6th waiting on final certifications.

You can look up a Registered Builder at any time on this Register link below which is updated daily.…/find-registered-builder