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Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable housing designs are not only a great way to minimise the impact on the environment but also create a safe, healthy home that is adaptable to your family’s needs. An integrated design process that works with nature rather than against it. Below are some of the ways we look at creating a passive, energy-efficient home.

ANALYSE YOUR ENVIRONMENT – Working with nature rather than against it can have a dramatic effect on energy savings throughout your home. Things to consider before moving to the design phase of your project are: weather patterns, wind directions, trees, shade, sun angles, fire risk (BAL Ratings), noise pollution, soil profile and other environmental factors such as coastal corrosion. Go2 Homes have an inhouse Sustainable building design specialist that can help convert these factors into a design that effectively reduces the number of external forces needed to maintain a comfortable home.

PLANNING AND DESIGN – Once these factors have been analysed you can set about designing your home’s orientation, angles, window placements, doors, eves, building materials, roof structure all to maximise the cool summer breeze and harness the warmth of the sun in winter. You may have high set windows to let the heat out.

LANDSCAPING – Strategic landscaping is a great natural source of cooling for your home. By reducing the amount of hardscaping and shade, wind blocks Allow a garden area to plant shade trees, deciduous trees will allow shade in summer and let the sun through in winter.