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10 important questions to ask yourself before starting your kitchen renovations


Your kitchen is often a very busy place, and the hub of your home. For many of us, its where we start and finish our day, so it’s a big part of our lives! Give yourself, your family and your home a new lease on life and transform the heart of your home.

Go2 Homes can design and build you a beautiful, functional kitchen to meet your budget and style. We are committed to providing creative and practical solutions for your kitchen renovations and ensure high-quality results and a fast turnaround. Before kitchen renovations begin, it’s worth thinking about the good and bad points of your old kitchen. And, of course, what you want your new space to include. The easiest way to do this and gather all your kitchen ideas is by asking yourself (and any other cooks in the house) a whole lot of questions.

kitchen renovations

1. Why are you renovating? What do you want to create? A more modern kitchen, more storage, the same style but updated, a complete kitchen overhaul? Write down a list of kitchen ideas leading to your ultimate goal.
2. What works about your old space? For example, good benchspace, good light, layout of cabinetry? Are these kitchen ideas you want to feature in the new design?
3. What doesn’t work? For example, not enough bench space, appliances are outdated, cabinetry/splashback needs to be replaced, outdated style and colour scheme?

kitchen renovations

4. Who does the cooking? Are you the sole cook or does the whole family take turns in the kitchen? How many people do you cook for? Do you entertain regularly? These answers may affect the appliances you choose for your kitchen (are an oversized oven and stovetop needed?) and also impact on how much space to move around you allow for in the kitchen.
5. How do you use your kitchen? Just for cooking? Is it a gathering place you entertain from? Do you sit at the bench to eat breakfast? The way you use your space will give you kitchen ideas for ‘must-have’ elements and ‘love to have’ elements.

kitchen layout

6. How much kitchen storage do you need? Is a walk-in pantry a must? How could extra storage space be included? If you have plenty of kitchen gadgets, then an accessible place to store them might be high on your agenda. Consider kitchen ideas to up your storage space without crowding or overpowering the kitchen design, such as overhead cabinetry, including more deep drawers than cupboards.
7. What size appliances do you need? If you cook often, entertain or have a large growing family, then an oversized oven and stovetop might be essential to you.
8. Where will you position all the elements in your kitchen? To work this out, consider all the potential cabinetry layouts and where you could fit in big appliances (oven, stovetop, fridge), being mindful of existing electrical wiring and plumbing (not moving this will save you time and money), and creating a practical accessible space too.

paint selections

9. Do you have your heart set on a certain style of kitchen? What appeals to you most; a classic combination of earthy tones and modern appliances; a country-style timber kitchen; a modern mix of high-gloss cabinetry and stone benchtops? Note down all the kitchen ideas and elements you love about that chosen style.
10.What colours do you want to feature? If it’s modern and timeless you’re after, various shades of white and grey might be your pick. Beach vibes? Why not go for a coastal blue or a balance of soft natural tones. Go2 Homes can help you develop and enhance the look of your new kitchen. If you’re stuck for colours, gather colourful kitchen ideas and inspiration by looking at the colours you are naturally drawn to, plus the hues that already feature in your home.


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