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Should you renovate in 2023?

In the midst of such uncertain times, is 2023 a good time to renovate?

The answer is yes. If you’ve been considering house renovations, then now is a great time to update.

With economists and property market insiders predicting a fall in house prices and many taking a ‘wait and see’ approach in WA when it comes to buying and selling, the current climate presents an excellent opportunity for homeowners to improve, instead of move.

There are many great reasons to renovate, and they’re relevant now more than ever. Here are some of Go2 Homes top reasons for renovating in 2023:

We’re spending more time than ever before inside

If you love your home, but it needs an update, more space or some modernisation, then now might be the time to commit to some home renovations. It seems that 2023 will be the year of staying home, so why not make the most of it by renovating your space to be exactly what you want? Planning a home renovation is also an exciting way to keep busy!

If you plan to live in your home and enjoy it for many years to come, then it’s an excellent idea to invest in making it perfect for you. Beautifully customise your home to your lifestyle with a home renovation, or increase its function and aesthetics.

Avoid the cost of moving

West Australian’s are understandably reluctant to move right now. It’s a nerve-wracking time to be selling up and incurring the costs of stamp duty, agents fees, legal fees and everything else associated with buying or selling a home, the costs can easily add up to tens of thousands and perhaps that money is better spent on improving your home. If you like where you live, but not the home you’re living in then renovating is likely the perfect solution. Not only will it undoubtedly be more cost effective than trying to find a home that ticks all the boxes, but it will improve the value of your existing home and provide lasting benefit for you and your family.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Selling your home might not be at the top of your mind right now, but regardless of every-changing and fluctuating market conditions, it’s never a bad idea to renovate your home. Beautifully designed and well-executed house renovations can add significant value to your home, usually well beyond the cost of the improvements. If you’re using your home as an investment property then thoughtful renovations can increase your homes rental value and attractiveness to renters.

Future-Proof Your Home

It’s the perfect time to think ahead to the future. Perth is filled with character homes and older builds, so there’s a good chance that your home is sporting some design choices from previous decades. What worked in the 70s probably isn’t working as well now. Your home might have an unusual layout, smaller bedrooms, or only one bathroom. If it doesn’t flow, or eschews some of the more modern design principles and trends we’ve come to love, then some timely house renovations are likely welcome.

Make your home work for you now and in the future with some carefully considered updates. Improvements to your space can increase safety, functionality and value. If your home is older, you’ll want to focus your renovations on the kitchen, bathrooms and living space, as these are the rooms that tend to date the quickest.

You might find that your home is in need of more than just a cosmetic makeover, or the addition of space. Homes tended to be smaller and pokier in the past – improving the layout and flow of your home, or adding an extension will not only make it feel like a totally new space, but probably give it a significant value boost as well!

You Should Note…

Renovating or extending your home is an involved process which requires working with a number of government bodies, local councils, suppliers and financial institutions. Whether you’re considering undertaking small updates, or a complete house renovation, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced builder, like Go2 Homes.
If you’re considering renovating in 2023, get in contact with us and find out how we can help you make this year a success.