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Go2 Homes Process

Our process is simple, streamlined and focuses on you! See our flow chart below, which depicts the stages for a Go2 Homes Renovation, Extension or Build. Scroll down to read each of these stages in more detail.

Go2 Homes Process

Contact Us

You may have ideas, or some plans, give us a call and touch base with one of our registered builders. If we miss you, please leave a message, and we will call you back. We will listen and guide you through some basic questions to gain an initial understanding of your building needs and wants.

Go2 Homes can also assist you in securing finance at the most competitive industry rates, tailoring your loan facility to suit  your needs and situation and most importantly, saving you time and money.

We can then look at booking a site consult. You can also connect with us via email ([email protected]), or by checking out our FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Site Consult

This is usually a 1-1.5 hr visit with one of our registered builders specialising in Custom Building. During this visit to your property, we combine your ideas with our knowledge to customize a plan for your new home. You will receive a design brief (detailed in the next step). To view our Consultation and Design Package click the link below. 

Design Brief

Following your site consult we tailor your Preliminary Design Brief. It will include: an outline of the ideas for your renovation and/or extension, proposed construction materials, an idea of the costs involved and preliminary design sketches.

Concept Drawings

By combining your ideas and our knowledge, your building plans are drawn up with the necessary detail for council development approvals. This is an exciting stage, where elevations and site drawings make your ideas concrete.         Agreement on these plans, also ensures that we keep within budget and understand the timelines from the outset.

Preliminary Budget Estimate

If you decide to go ahead, we provide you with an MBA ‘Preparation of Plans Agreement’. This give us both a working    structure to generate the design plans and specifications for your project. At this stage, we also provide a preliminary       budget estimate to ensure we are working within your budget.

Online Access

All your information and ideas gathered to-date will be entered onto our Online Client Access system. Here you can       securely access all the details of your building project. You can now also start the process of selecting fixtures, fittings and finishes, with access to our extensive supply chain. We can also provide an Interior Design service to assist you in your selections View Video here.

Planning Approval

With a sound idea of the financials and building design, we submit your drawings to council for Planning Approval, along       with all the necessary documentation. It is at this stage that Development Approval is also sought, if required. 

Construction Drawings

Once Planning Approval is underway, we start your construction drawings needed for Building Approval along with:        *Energy Efficiency Certification, *Structural Engineering, *Interior Design Schedules and a Certificate of Design Compliance.                   *if required


On completion of the design documents, you will have clarity and an understanding of your works and budget. We can now prepare a fixed-priced contract to move towards building.

Building Approval

The last step before we commence building is submitting your design documents  to  council for Building Approval along      with the Home Indemnity Insurance Certificate and completed Statutory documentation). At this stage, you will need to pay   the deposit of 6.5% of the contract value.


Using our superior and reliable local tradespeople and suppliers, the Go2 Homes Management team will keep you up to     date as we deliver your home. Throughout the building process our On-line Client Access system keeps track of every detail   of your project. At any time of the day, whether at work or on holidays, you can securely log in and view up-to-date   information about your budget, building progress, documentation, photos of the build, fixtures, fittings and finishes,                all in one place.

Hand Over

You’ll be thrilled as you take possession of the finished product. For peace of mind, we will provide you with a detailed final inspection checklist on completion.

Go2 Homes ‘Touch Base’

We don’t just leave it there, even when all works are complete, we want to stay in touch with you and provide a 90-day       Touch Base period to ensure you have ongoing open contact with Go2 Homes.