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Perfect Kitchen Design

We know that kitchens are no longer just food preparation areas. They are a place to congregate, for the kids to do their homework, to eat, entertain and socialise.

Whether building or renovating, we at Go2 Homes think primarily about the following 7 things, to future proof what is potentially your most important space…your kitchen design.
1. Plan the flow of your space well. Whether the layout is: Island, U-shaped, Straight Lined, Galley or Peninsula; access to the fridge, stove, sink and food prep areas need to be ergonomically planned.
2. Encourage flow to other areas in your house, allowing for circulation and giving room for a combination of activities.
3. Add an Island bench, or low-key congregation area if possible.
4. Update your appliances.
5. Select timeless and low-key colours.
6. Install practical and ample storage.
7. Have bright and welcoming lighting.
… then, just add you!


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