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How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake When Considering a Renovation or Extension

Would you like to save thousands of dollars whilst renovating and extending your home?
If Yes, then follow this often-neglected piece of advice.

Designing your renovation and extension is such an amazing experience to be a part of. Imagine that feeling of walking into your new home that YOU basically designed for yourself and your family. To ensure that your dream design can come to life with the budget that you have in mind, it is vital to engage the right builder before you engage an architect or draftsman.

Practicality v’s Design

Did you know that almost 80% of custom designed architectural plans never make it to the construction phase? The architect’s main job is putting the ‘perfect’ house design onto paper, guided by the client’s thoughts.The problem with this is that the architect rarely understands the detail of the costs involved in building it. While their intentions may be in the right place, their ‘vision’ for your new home can end up taking a huge portion from your wallet.
There is a way to avoid this and all it takes is hiring a skilled builder to make the small modifications necessary to achieve the same ‘design’ for a lot less money.

Best of Both Worlds

By engaging a builder early on during the design process, the builder can assist the client to achieve their dream design whilst also focusing on the practical aspects of building that home. When your building designer or architect and builder work together, they end up accomplishing a lot more when it comes to creating the ‘best’ house on a budget. A building designer or architect can still have ‘free reign’ to ensure your home is designed well, but the builder serves to make sure that the architect understands all the limitations involved in the elements of their design.

This way, they spend less time and money to create a home that is beautiful and functional, yet completely affordable. So, by working together the same design result can be achieved, but for a lot less money. Save yourself this future financial headache by engaging a professional builder first, who can support you to find the most fitting building designer or architect to design your new residence. Building a home can be hard and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be if you remember to follow this rule.

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