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You Should Never Under Estimate the Need for Good insulation in Providing a Comfortable Built Environment for Your Home

In conjunction with the actual space created in a building, the thermal and acoustic performance of any built form is what building occupants experience on a day to day basis. These can have very real direct and indirect effects on us.
An integral part of addressing insulation requirements of any building starts at the planning and design phase, and continues through installation to ensure the design meets the desired performance outcomes.

A wide range of cost-effective, innovative insulation products and applications are available in the market today to meet the challenges of thermal and acoustic performance criteria.

When you start considering insulation for your home, you may notice building elements, products, and materials with an ‘R-value’ (e.g. R-2.5).

This ‘R-value’ is a measure of thermal resistance for materials and combinations of materials and construction types. It gives an indication of their thermal resistance. The higher the value of ‘R’, the better the thermal performance and heat retention of the material or building element, and the slower any heat loss or gain.

Glazing, wall types, ceilings and floor types are all areas of your home that will need to be reviewed to determine how efficient (or inefficient!) your home may be. Alternative methods of insulation also include plants, awnings, and industrial roof paints (to be used in low pitched roof spaces where insulation can’t be installed).

At Go2 Homes, we can offer you the advice and support to make the best insulation choices for your comfort and budgetary needs.