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5 Home Design Trends 2018

The convergence of creativity and technology bring many exciting trends to home building.

Here are 5 things you may want to consider incorporating into your home design.

1: Natural Light and Ventilation

Bathroom DesignGood use of natural light and ventilation not only saves electricity, it can make your home feel more spacious, ceilings look higher and can overall make the room feel more inviting and cheerful.

This can easily be achieved through the strategic placement of windows, the design of external doors, and the addition of natural lighting and ventilation features. Increasing natural light can also increase the temperature of the home so it must be done in a way that can be controlled as to not overheat in the warmer months.

2: Blending Inside With Outside

Blending Inside with OutsideMany people are taking natural light to the next level by blurring the line between inside and outside. This can be done by opening up a wall with large folding doors. Or it can be achieved by weather proofing a deck or courtyard. This can not only create an incredible feature to your home but also make the most of your valuable space. Ask us how you can extend your living area by utilising your outdoor areas.

3: Feature Lighting


The most exciting technological breakthrough in lighting recently is definitely LED lights. They are bright, energy-efficient and compact. This gives you almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to designing lighting for any home.

You can add drama by incorporating bold pendant lights with unusual materials and designs such as: industrial, cane & timber or a modern geometric style. The great thing about feature lighting is that just by changing the pendants you can make a significant difference to the look and feel of your room. Get creative!

4: Mixed textures

Lady in the Kitchen

The use of different materials and textures is very popular and looks amazing! Wood grains and earthy materials along with concrete, marble and steel. This can really give your home some design flair and add a unique finish. The options are endless with this style and we can help you decide what will look great with the style of your home and also be cost effective.

5: Flexible Designs

Black Timber cladding

Gone are the days when every room was built for a purpose. The best designs today allow the owner to adjust the room for different purposes. This not only gives you better use of each space, it generally gives your home a more open and natural feel. You can see some more examples here.

Knowing about design trends is important, but following them blindly can cost you a lot of money and leave you disappointed. Be sure to talk with your builder before making up your mind about any particular trend. There is always more than one way of achieving the result you want. Contact us if you would like any help considering design ideas for your home.